Birding California

Welcome to Birding California.
Facebook groups consisting of experienced birders with an open attitude towards beginners can be a catalyst for a very dynamic community of bird lovers that will support each other, as well as regional birdwatching conservation concerns. A similar groups in the US, Birding Ohio, has reached amazing results in teaching new people about this our wonderful hobby, as well as mobilizing the group for bird conservation issues. Birding Ohio is the template for this group and so are the rules.

- Sign up with your real name as facebook profile. We will in general not accept any pseudonyms with an agenda to promote a cause, an NGO or a company.
- Birding California s designed to allow new, as well as experienced birders to share sightings, pictures, videos, and thoughts and ideas, too!
- We encourage everyone to be kind and respectful at all times.
- Post from California of FREE-FLYING WILD BIRDS (or rarities in neighboring states that California birders might want to attempt to see) ONLY.
- No foul language, no commercial, religious, or political comments of any kind.
- Limit photos to three (3) per day.
-NEW RULE: If you are a regular (3-5 times / week) or daily poster we ask that you please not only share posts from your own personal page but take the time to upload photos directly to the group.
- Noncompliance with these guidelines may result in your post being deleted and/or your removal from the group.

- When posting, please include the name of the bird, location, and date with the photo. If you do not know the ID of the bird, please state that you are asking for help.
- If you can't figure out an ID, there are plenty of people here to help. Just include where and when the photo was taken and we'll do our best to help you work through the ID of the bird.