Bouviers Uncensored(For owners who believe in health screening)

This is a group for Bouvier owners and people who love the breed, all Bouviers are welcome whether they are from working, pet or show homes. Please feel free to invite any of your Bouvier owning friends or people who would like to learn about the breed from some of our experienced members. Nothing said here will be censored as long as it has to do with Bouviers. Anyone publicly making accusations about anyone else will be doing it at their own risk and could be prosecuted, so say what you want but make sure you have proof if you are accusing another individual of anything, also please act maturely and do not make derogatory remarks about or bait other members please, in the event of any member acting like a fool they may be asked to leave the group if several complaints are received about their language or their behaviour. This group is for people who believe in health screening, if you don't health test let us hear why you don't, that's if you breed dogs and not if your a pet owner who isn't going to breed. No member will be allowed on this group if they block another member.