Brain & Consciousness

We live in an exciting time of unprecedented new knowledge being gained almost daily about the structure and function of our brains, holding out the tantalizing promise that we may soon figure out how it works to support consciousness, and what consciousness actually is made of. As we stand on this threshold we can only imagine how our lives might be changed both personally and culturally when we find out!

This Brain & Consciousness discussion group was founded as a forum for questions, ideas, and thoughts about biophotons (endogenous light) and their possible physiologic roles in the body especially in support of consciousness (please see the Nexus Theory summary, pinned at the top of the Group page). All topics relevant to brain & consciousness are welcome too of course! Please don't be shy! Just expect me to harp a bit on my favorite subject, Nexus Theory, and you are welcome to harp on your favorite brain and consciousness topics too. Just be polite and don't Spam the Group please with off-topic stuff.

Also please feel free to message me personally if you have any private questions, and I accept all FB Friend requests. If you are in the Los Angeles area please consider joining our Meetup group at . Welcome!


Karl Simanonok, Ph.D.