Pattaya Restaurants

Customer reviews of restaurants in the greater Pattaya area. We're here to share our experiences, good or bad, about the many dining choices in this area.

We have a few rules to make this an enjoyable group for everyone.

-No flaming or trolling posts. Be polite.

-No spamming. This group is not for you to sell things to us.

-Be considerate of the members who post. They are providing their opinions of their meal. If you think you have a better option for such a meal, make your own topic, but don't derail their topic with the mention of another restaurant or cheaper meals.

-You can't always tell what something tastes like by looking at a picture. If you could, then you could eat it right off your computer. Let the reviewer give you his own opinion without derogatory comments about the look of the dish.

-Restaurant/food vendors reviews only. If it's a street food vendor, please provide detailed information about the location along with a picture if you can. Unless you are willing to provide meals for the group on a regular basis, no home cooking pictures.