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Our purpose is to help BREVARD COUNTY Job Seekers and support businesses.

If your Profile doesn't show you're in Brevard or trying to relocate here, we won't let you join.
W2/1099 Employers: start with a Description below and the answers to 1-13 (when possible):

HIRING, W2 (location)
HIRING, 1099 (location)

1) Company Name
2) Website
3) Job Title
4) Location (Outside...Home...Office?)
5) 1099 or W2
6) Hours/Pay
7) Full-time/Part-time
8) One Time/Seasonal/Permanent
9) Experience/Skills Needed
10) Job Description
11) Background Check?
12) Benefits/Insurance
13) How to Apply
Direct Sales, WAH, MLM opportunities are limited to once weekly. Please use the title below and the answers to #1-7:


1) Company Name
2) Describe your product
3) Website
4) Enrollment cost
5) How is money earned
6) Growth requirements
7) Your income (highly suggested, not required)
MEMBERS: start your post with a BOLD TITLE so Members know right away what it's about..

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If you're passing job leads from where you don't work, let Members know.

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The Jobs Network is the first step of six steps in our ministry named JOSEPH! (means God Will Add!). It’s named after the Son of Jacob (present day Israel) who God used in mighty ways through hardship, dreams, famine, and hard work to provide for, protect, and prove to the world that He was God. Come partner with God and us to help those in need. Kevin

J = Jobs Network
O = Outreach
S = Spiritual Gifts
E = Economic Power
P = Prophecy
H = Healing
! = Lord Willing

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