Bridge The Gap

A place for all vapers - hosts, channels, & vendors from all over the world to come together as one community to Bridge The Gap.

All vapers are welcome to post their stories and photos, as well as share opinions on e-liquids & devices.

All vendors may post deals, special buy information, photos, and company information they wish to share, vape related only.

All vaping channels may post their schedules, logos, photos, and channel replays.

All hosts may post upcoming events such as show names, schedules, logos, photos, and show replays

All reviewers are welcome to post their reviews and any information they wish to share about upcoming e-liquid or device reviews.

Vape meet information may be shared. Names of vape friendly establishments is not only welcome, but encouraged.

If you would like to be a moderator on our page, please message us. We will respond as soon as possible.

Absolutely no drama will be accepted. THERE WILL BE NO WARNING!!! The Ban Hammer will come down swiftly on any drama. Again, NO WARNINGS will be given, be respectful of your fellow vapers.