British Korean Society

Welcome to the facebook presence of the British Korean Society, ...the aim of which is to provide opportunities for contacts between British nationals and Koreans living in Britain, and to act as a forum for social and cultural exchange in an environment of friendship and understanding. It is not a fundraising organisation and is secular and non-political. We politely request that you adhere to the ethos of the organisation when posting and interacting with the group.

Originally the Anglo-Korean Society, The British Korean Society (BKS) was founded in 1956 to foster friendships between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea.

The primary object of the BKS is to bring together all those in the UK who are interested in Korean matters, and the society organises a variety of social and cultural events throughout the year including two annual dinners, one at the House of Commons with a guest speaker, the other a Korean buffet to celebrate Chuseok (the Korean Harvest Moon Festival).

Members generally have close personal ties with Korea and/or Korean Companies and many have spent several years working in Korea. The original core membership was made up of representatives from the diplomatic service, academics and the military but this has now evolved into a representation that is much more broadly oriented towards industry, commerce and culture.

The Society enjoys support from the Korean Embassy and HE the Korean Ambassador, and the Korean Cultural Centre in London has given the Society an additional venue for both meetings and social events.

For further details regarding membership of the British Korean Society and application forms please see the website:

Please note that any spamming, blatant advertising, inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable material will be removed and the person posting it will be blocked and barred from any future interaction with the group. If you wish to notify members of an event and are not sure whether this constitutes 'advertising' please contact one of the admins of the group who will be happy to advise.

The British Korean Society does not endorse the views of members posting in the group on matters unrelated to the Society and its aims and any views expressed are solely those of the person posting.