Brittany Dog Rescue Mallorca

Brittany Rescue Mallorca has been formed to specifically help Brittany/Epagneul Breton dogs that end up abandoned, dumped and left in the dog pounds across Mallorca.

These dogs are akin to highly tuned sports cars - fantastic fun ....but the Brittany is truly an all round dog, as much at home in the house as in the field. The breed has been selected over the years to fulfil both these criteria. Its depth of chest and muscling allow it to work tirelessly all day whilst its temperament allows it to fit in with nearly every family, whether in the country or in a flat in the suburbs.

These dogs are desired by 'hunters' here in Mallorca who keep them in dark sheds with little food and expect them to hunt without any training - when they don't perform or are gun shy, or they season ends - they are dumped in the pound, or killed or just abandoned and they end up in the killing stations.

There are only 100 Brittany pups a year registered in the UK and they have an evangelistic following.. This group has been set up to help those abandoned and looking for new homes.. Whilst there are many, many dog rescue sites on Facebook there is non here in Mallorca specifically aimed at the Brittany. The Brittany is not a spaniel, but is an HPR (Hunter, Pointer, Retriever) an all round lovely dog.

Please post any Brittany/Bretons on here that are in the pounds and we will do all we can to get them re-homed to the forever home they deserve. The group will also be able to offer advice on any issues pre and post adoption and specifically to do with Brits!