Flowers from heaven

"Grand Opening" of the page. Submit your request to join and once the page is set up and ready for sales, I will approve the request's. Thanks for your interest and i will be working hard in the next few days to get everything ready. No trolls, simply no drama at all. Any post or otherwise drama related comments will be immediately removed at Admins discretion, please do not instant message me and try to put your opinions on my plate, my table is full. Lets be professional here folks. If you dont know the meaning of a troll please go look up the definition of a "Facebook Troll." This group will be dedicated to sales of things that grow! Brooks Nursery has been a work in progress for some time now and up till now an idea only, finally we are nearly ready to start excepting orders. Be patient as we make the last few arrangement. Happy Gardening.....see you soon. Pay pal is [email protected] sorry cant take checks