Buffalo River Rescue: Mission Possible!

This group started with 5 friends, Tammy Graham, Ginny Masulo, Margaret Britian, Kim Agee and Janie Agee. We felt very powerless and isolated in our individual concern for the Buffalo River. We had a series of early morning meetings to plan a way to bring together all the people who wanted to protect the Buffalo National River from CAFO waste runoff. Our goal was and is to find a way to empower and educate as many people as possible. We now have over 600 members and together we are leading the fight on a number of fronts.

April 23 - Our group joined the protest at UofA when Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack visited to speak for the Distinguished Lecture Series.

May 1 - We organized a town hall meeting with a panel discussion that was held at the Fayetteville library which was attended by around 400 people along with TV and newspaper reporters. We even had Cargill and Farm Bureau representatives in the audience. The panel consisted of: Greg Leding(Rep), Lioneld Jorden (Fayetteville Mayor), Bob Cross (Ozark Society), Tom McKinney (Sierra Club), Deb Doss (Canoe club), Paul Lowery (Geologist), Sonja Hausmann (Hydrologist) and Terry Spence who is a farmer in Missouri who became an expert on CAFOs when one went into production next door to his farm 15 years ago. Kyle Kellams, news director for KUAF radio (smart enough for radio, handsome enough for TV) moderated the panel discussion and the Q & A that followed.
A professional video was made of the meeting.


May 8 - We had a call for action for people to attend the protests in Jasper when the ADEQ was holding it's town hall meeting. There was radio, TV and newspaper coverage of the protests.

May 21 & 22 - Janie Agee and Ginny Masulo attended the state legislator's meetings in Marshall, AR. We asked questions, floated the Buffalo river the representatives, went to the fish fry hosted by Farm Bureau and were kicked off C&H hog farm by the Newton Co sheriff and his deputies. We then drove to Jasper and attended the protest on the square with our group and members of The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance. We made protest signs, talked to newspaper and TV reporters.

This group continues to write and email members of the legislators, the governor, Cargill, members of ADEQ and the President of the U.S.