The Mission Statement:
This group is for the benefit of everyone - married, single, divorced, widowed, separated and others.
The aims of the forum are:
To share our opinions about love, life and whatever inspires us, so other people can learn from our experiences.
However, it does not create an avenue for vendetta, or acrimonious conflict. Rather, its an opportunity to say it as you feel, and where the need/opportunity arises, constructively criticise comments and/or posts, without allowing bad blood to develop. Consequently, some strictures are imposed on use of language; banal or profane language is not accepted on the forum.
The forum also prohibits soliciting, advertisements or any offensive materials or comments. However, the admin team reserves the right to post any materials/information that it deems of benefit to the group members.
We are grateful for the support and engagement we get from members from all over the world. Welcome to Bunmiolabode.com

WEBSITE - www.bunmiolabode.com
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