Burmese Cat Obsession


Burmese Cat Obsession (BCO) is place to share pictures, videos, experiences, questions & support with other Burmese-OBSESSED people.

We are an understanding, supportive and communicative group who love ALL cats and respect multi-breed cat families. RESPECTFUL debate is welcome, and sometimes educational. We are not a judgmental group.

Breeders and prospective buyers are welcome. We all want Burmese babies to find loving homes!!

We also give all members the power to decide on topics, themes and questions within the group - help us build this community. We are always open to your suggestions.

Please join and share your obsession with us!


1. Please report any post you feel offensive to an Admin. No other member (besides an Admin) has the right to decide what can and can't be posted in the group - and we ask that you respect other's opinions and comments, even when they differ from your own. If any members are behaving in a manner that Admin determines to be outside the acceptable levels for the group, the member may be deleted and blocked from the group.

2. We are all from different parts of the world, with different surroundings. We are different people, and although our babies share an appearance and the amount of love we all have for them, they are all different cats and we have differing rules and ideals. In favor of this harmony, no abuse of any kind towards another member will be tolerated. ANY comments lacking respect will be removed, and the member making them, warned. In severe or repetitive cases, the member may be banned immediately.

3. Please be considerate. Bullying will not be tolerated!

4. No group Admin may be "blocked" by any member. Although Facebook allows such, this does not allow proper administration of the group. Members who "block" group Admins may/will be banned, possibly without warning. This policy is common for many FB groups.

5. Sales-oriented posts are strongly discouraged and may be removed without warning.

6. Posting about cats or other pets you are not directly or indirectly associated with is discouraged (examples of such are "cross-posting" from other FB groups and web sites such as Gumtree, Craigslist and the like). Such posts are subject to deletion.

7. All posts related to donations must be discussed with the group Admins first (before posting in the group). This is to ensure only legitimate causes appear in the group. Unsanctioned donation posts are subject to deletion without warning.

8. Please click "Report this Post" or "I don't want to see this" (usually on the right side of the post, by clicking an arrow) on the post of concern to ensure your issue is attended to ASAP.


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