ButterflyIndia Facebook Group.

Since this is an unmoderated group, if some posts/members need special attention, please mail the moderator at malabartreenymph[email protected] .

Open group to discuss anything and everything associated with butterflies including claiming credits for your work, multi-language communication, instant responses, and easily-accessible photo database.

Also become members of ButterflyAndMoth-Lifecycle, and Butterfly Host Plants, if you are interested in those aspects.

Members who talk against this group or post Ads will be removed. You were supposed to resolve your issues by directly talking to the moderator.

Please post the date and name of the place with your photos.

Members are requested to only post your own original photos and not from internet or friends' photos. Also, don't post Facebook links as it is not accessible to everyone. Lepidoptera related website-links that are accessible to everyone is still fine.

Use of Butterfly English Names on this forum -

Off late I have been asked by many confused amateurs about lengthy common English names that are being used here. They were not sure whether it means the same species that they know for last couple of years or a different one as 2 - 3 prefixes were added. So, from now onwards to reduce the confusion among amateurs, any deviation from previously used English names are not allowed in this group.

Links of http://www.ifoundbutterflies.net/ website is not allowed on this forum as it deviates from previously used English names in Indian butterfly books and generally accepted scientific rankings.

Three deviations from above two rules will see you out of the group.

If your link is removed for some reason, please mail [email protected] to learn more. Unless you have your messaging disabled on Facebook, you will be informed on why your post is deleted from the group.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

Moderator, ButterflyIndia-Facebook