Kaperahan @ Online Reloading

This group is created to cater those onliners and busy individuals who does not have time to go out and reload. If you ran out of load, simply pm me or post here and I will get back to you soon as I can. Otherwise, you can reach me at 0939-9022407(smart), 0906-6024976(tm) and 0922-7804820(sun). E-pins are also available.

Send your payment first before you get your e-load. Check my feedbacks at www.kaperahan.biz below my home page.

Why buy e-load/e-pins here? You buy an e-load from the admin, every P100 you buy generates P1 for the pot money & every P300 you accumulate earns you 1 e-coupon. Whenever pot money hits P30, an e-coupon qualifier on our list will receive the reward. So everyone will have the chance to win just wait for your turn.:)

Refer your friends here to help the cycling faster!

All e-load recipients will shoulder the fees for each payment processor.

EON: e-load amount (no fee)
Paypal: (e-load amount ÷ 37) (no fee)
SmartMoney: e-load amount + P3
Gcash: e-load amount + P5
Egopay: (e-load amount ÷ 36) + (1.5%+0.25)
PerfectMoney: (e-load amount ÷ 37)

The admin may change rates at any time without prior notice.

House Rules:
>No Spamming
>No Funds Exchange
>No Poaching for referrals
>No Unrelated links and ads
>Respect Admin and Members

Respect and be respected. God bless.

Thank you.

UPDATED 8/3/13
-Kaperahan Dot Biz-