Buy Local Newaygo County, MI and surrounding areas

Shop Local to build a better community! This page is for Local small businesses and individuals. Local businesses, and individuals may post any items them have for sale..


A local page for businesses (and individuals) of Newaygo county and surrounding cities to sell, trade or give to others in this area. Feel free to post any items you have for sale, want to trade, or want to just give away! Again, this is for local small businesses to post items for sale to keep our community strong! =) And any individuals that would like to post items from their home. Cities surrounding Newaygo county are also welcome to buy and sell. We just ask that you are willing to meet in Newaygo County for your meets since this group is based out of Newaygo County. Thanks so much.

This site is for everyone to post items they have for sale. New or used! Also for local small businesses to post items or restaurant specials etc. I just ask you post your items in the photos tab above for easy shopping.

(IMPORTANT) Avon reps, scentsy etc. Could you please post actual items for sale rather than directing to an outside website please no advertising.

**The page and it's owner has no authority over what transpires between buyers and sellers. We are not responsible for any transaction that takes place between buyer and seller. I hold no responsibility of items, price, or problems that may arise using this wall.

Individuals may post new or used items from their home.

By using, reading, posting on this wall, you are agreeing and accepting the following rules:

1. Only people living in Newaygo County or surrounding cites may post things for sale. And any city outside of Newaygo county wanting to buy and sell here must be willing to meet in this county for meets.

2. When posting an item for sale: you must include description, price, your location(city) and photo. Only include 1 item or 1 lot per post.

3. When an item sells, please DELETE THAT PHOTO.

4. Please NO OUTSIDE BUSINESS ADS ON THIS SITE...Thank you for your understanding.

5. Items that are NOT acceptable for posting : illegal items, personal handmade items, firearms, animals/livestock of any kind, drop side cribs, and recalled items.

6. First person to comment with interest in the item is entitled to be considered first before moving to another shopper, but it is up to the seller on how long they are willing to hold the item for pick up.

7. When sending a non-friend a message on this wall, make sure to check your "other" folder under messages when waiting for a reply. Most non friend messages are put there, or once you have interest, exchange email addresses to communicate!

8. Please try to resolve all issues between buyer and seller.

By posting on this wall you have agreed to these and understand if you don't abide by these rules, your items will be deleted.

Thanks so much!