Buying and Selling iPhones NYC

Welcome to the Buying and Selling iPhones NYC group.

Rules, Regulations and Safety Tips

With your membership I just ask that you post actual photos of the devices being sold and request as much information as needed on those being purchased. This will help to prevent any wasted effort.

I also recommend everyone meet in safe and public places to maximize your safety and minimize any risk of distasteful and/or fraudulent behavior. Banks are highly recommended, as you can check cash for authenticity and they are very well monitored and guarded.

Should someone refuse or attempt to persuade you otherwise, you should raise a red flag and proceed with caution.

Avoid any shipping or use of wire transfers, reload cards and release of any personal information. The safest and most secure means of completing a transaction is through hand to hand cash/device inspection and exchange in a safe zone (listed below.)

Safe Zones (Places that maximize safety and HELP to prevent fraudulent behavior)

Banks (during operational hours)
Public stores
Areas where police officers are present (avoid areas that prohibit soliciting)

My co-admins and myself will monitor the group as often as possible in attempt to regulate these rules. Happy Buying and Selling.

Admin Chamar