Buying and Selling Electronics NJ

This is a buying/selling group for electronics and other accessories.


1. You can ONLY sell electronics or other accessories.

2. Please dont not use any explicit pictures.

3. If you are going to repost, please delete your old post.

4. Respect others.

5. If you spam or bump too much, you will be ban.

*If you are interested in something, comment or personal message the seller. Discuss where you guys can meet
up and do the deal. Do local meet ups in known places like at a mall, fast food place in order to be safe.

*Always bring a friend or someone with you in case.

*If anybody tries to rob you, file a police report and you will be fine. Save their number and messages.

Just follow the rules and you will be fine.

Please show mutual respect to everyone. Any type of arrogant or immature comments towards a post or another person will led to a ban.

Remember you are trying to buy or sell something from someone you don't know. Show a little dignity and professionalism.