Carramar and Tapping Residents Association

Carramar and Tapping Residents Association (CATRA) is a Not For Profit organisation representing the residents of the two suburbs of Carramar and Tapping in the north of Perth, Western Australia.

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Short surveys will be conducted from time to time to find out how the community feels on an issue to best direct the associations efforts.

We were originally formed by Norm and Pam Hewer to support the residents of the then largely undeveloped suburb of Carramar and worked closely with the developers, Peet & Co and our local council, City of Wanneroo, to help shape the growth of Carramar. Norm has gone on to become one of our councillors for the City of Wanneroo, but still has a seat on our committee.

As Tapping also began to be built it was logical for the two suburbs to work together. Although we are separated by Joondalup Drive, we are similar in many ways and the fact that the Peet & Co development of Carramar Golf Course Estate spans both suburbs adds to that sense of unity. For that reason the "clock tower" that sits at the western edge of the boundary of our two suburbs has come to be adopted as our logo.