Concealed Carry in The United States

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Welcome to CONCEALED CARRY IN THE UNITED STATES discussion group! We welcome all posts relating to concealed (and open) carry in this great nation of ours. I started this group to allow Americans a place to discuss concealed carry guns, holsters, gear, training, tips, and really anything related to concealed carry

Group Admis are:

Ike Stephens
John-Michael Gillaspy
Eric Kuyper
Maddison Stephens

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If you see any spam, troll, or rule violating posts please tag one of us and we will clean it up. We try and screen all members but some slip through now and then. You can also report the post that way we see it faster.

Our rules are simple: The posting of any messages that are obscene, vulgar, harassing, sexually-oriented, hateful, racist, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any laws will constitute IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL from our group.

Anyone suggesting that somebody conduct illegal activity will be removed from the group. This includes telling someone to carry without a CHL/CCW/CWP, etc (where required) or carry in prohibited places.

Although the name says concealed carry we do welcome posts regarding open carry as well.

We WELCOME commercial posts. If you own a gun shop, training company, online store, etc please feel free to post up about your company, product or service. All we ask is that you do not flood the page with posts. We encourage you to post, just do so in moderation.

This is NOT a gun or parts trading/selling group. There are many great groups out there that do this. We want the focus of this group to be only on Concealed & Open Carry related topics. Feel free to post about any news, gear, guns. laws, etc. regarding Concealed/ Open Carry. Just stay on topic. The page can quickly become cluttered and folks will have a harder time trying to find what they're looking for.

FOUL LANGUAGE IS FORBIDDEN! This is a family page so lets keep it clean.

As with any group or forum, disagreements are to be expected. Please refrain from being disrespectful to any members and please keep all our comments civil. (CCITUS reserves the right to remove or close any content item for any reason and/or to remove any member from the group without prior notification.) Remember folks, we're all adults here and on the same team. Of course we're going to disagree from time to time but let's keep it civil and handle it like the grown men and women that we are.

"Those that will give up liberty for security deserve neither, and will lose both."