Migraine Mommies
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This is a CMA sub-group for young mothers who are concerned about issues related to Chronic Migraine and pregnancy as well as Chronic Migraine and raising young children. We have a different group for moms of school-age children called Mothering With Migraine.

This group is in no way a substitute for medical advice and serves only to help you become your own advocate.

Topics that are discussed in this group include but are not limited to the following:
-Pregnancy and migraine stories
-Things that helped you through your pregnancy while also dealing with migraines
-Drugs or alternative treatments you found helpful during pregnancy or while nursing
-Lists of great OB/GYN's who understand migraines
-Articles related to pregnancy, migraines, and raising young children/infants while dealing with migraines
-Infertility and migraine information
-Questions about pregnancy in general
-Thoughts and concerns as well as support for those raising young children/babies while dealing with migraines
-Being a mom with infant(s), toddler(s), young children while dealing with chronic migraines.

Email address for this group is [email protected]

The admins of this group are: Megan McGee, Vicki Olson Ennis, Casey Morgan, Theresa Beauchamp, Kate Kopasz (VP of Member Services/ all CMA groups), Susan Scott Ferrell (director of Support Groups), Nikki Myers (Director oif Interest Groups) and Catherine Charrette-Dykes.