Creative Bead Chat

GROUP RULES: Updated 3/14/2014
A home for creative component and jewelry designers to share new creations, tool tips and help build our creativity and sales ! A home for new designers as well experienced to share your experiences and ask questions. Ultimately we are a team and work together towards the goal of being proud of our accomplishments and accomplishing our dreams...welcome to Creative Bead Chat!

Please ...Treat others as you would like to be treated

**You may post a link to your destash event. You should host your own event on your blog or personal/business facebook page. We've encountered issues with members not fulfilling their destash obligations in the past and don't want the responsibility of policing the situation, if this happens to you. Thanks for understanding!

** Personal promotion images must be limited to TWICE per day. This includes sales, events, and items. If you would like to show the progression of an item, either make a collage and post it once or add a link in the comments to your personal page with the details.
>>>Site Rule: 2 self-promoting posts per day: EXPLAINED
Here are the basics. You can share ONE handmade jewelry/component image twice a day within a 24 hour period, in the CBC group. If you are selling an item, you must sell it on your own page/store and link back to it. You can share one picture of a non-handmade component or supply -ONLY 2 times per week. If you would like to share more than two pictures a day, then you MUST create a "one image" collage on Picmonkey, ribbet or another photo editing software. Ask questions and comment as much as you like. Limiting this with our huge group makes the site more manageable keep up with. Hope that makes sense!

**Also, to keep heavy advertising controlled...I'm asking that manufactured supplies, services and/or second hand reselling of products be limited to two posts per week. Please feel free to message me if you have questions....

**Fundraising or non beading posts must be approved by ADMIN or will be removed or asked to be removed.

**The group language is English. Please do your best to post and comment in English.

**We are seeing a high rate of spammers trying to enter the site. Every member is reviewed before being accepted. If we can't find any connection to the bead world on your page, you may not be approved. If you were denied and are interested, message Melinda Orr.

**If you see a spam post, please "report" or message me & I'll review/respond quickly.

**We strive to be a positive influence for the "Beading Community" ~ Negative posts, comments or bullying WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! You will be warned once and BANNED the second time. Please be sure to TAG @Melinda Orr on the post in question & I will review right away.

Members not following the rules will be warned personally once and removed from the group (BANNED) without notice, if not adhering.

Thanks and welcome! From Admin ~
Melinda Orr, Natalie Mc Kenna, Cynthia Machata & Linda Younkman