CS:GO Lounge Betting Community

CS GO Matches betting and discussion.
✔ Use English language only.
✔ Accept Rules & Regulations.
✔ Match Tips are never 100% guarantee, its just suggestion.
✔ This community will try to help if you got scammed but provide Evidence like Snapshots
✔ You may post Non-frequent Off-topics if you are old Group member, new profiles will be banned immediately for off topics.
✔Giveaways only by Admins because it will be tested for being legit.
✘ Do not post any trades.
✘ No advertising links, which makes your earn or promote any outside group/site.
✘ No rate my skin, win/lose and off topics.
✘ Abuse, community attack and hatred will not be tolerated.
✘ Do not post change team troll bets else kick.
✘ No Donate Posts because you lost bet.
✘ No Twitch stream posts until its live match stream link
✘ No spams
✘ Do not suggest others to bet your opponent team in order to increase rewards.