CTSI Logistics Team

This is your group page. It is our online meeting place to interact, share, discuss and get to know each other.

We encourage everyone to communicate openly here. Take ownership and make it your own page. In fact, feel free to repost or share content directly from your timeline. We all want to know what interests you. :)

But please also keep in mind some basic rules we need to observe:

Anything originally posted to the group page pertaining to business-related news, events, activites, or personal circumstances that involves the company is for internal use only. These should not be shared externally. We trust that everyone will use their better judgment.

Be nice, respectful and polite online as if we were all interacting face-to-face. Do not post any content that may be offensive to one's beliefs, principles, religion or upbringing.

Before long, colleagues from other stations will be given access to our group as well. So, do communicate in english as much as you can.

That's it! Let's all build this community on Facebook and call it our own.


Corporate Affairs Team
(Leslie, Bingoy, Casey, Patty, Cath, Rochelle, Apple, Matt)