The Modern Canadian Revolution

Mission Statement , Modern Canadian Revolution

This group was started with one goal in mind, that is to inform people about the real issues causing the downfall of our Canadian and global societies. It should be obvious to all that this trend of loosing our freedoms and liberty is not a passing fad. It is a concerted effort by the powers-that-be to enslave us all. The goal is the dissolution of all nation states in favor of one planetary fascist (corporatism) dictatorship. International corporations have infiltrated all levels of governmental power in favor of their financial bottom lines. Us the people are just obstacles to their plans of adding an ever increasing never ending lines of zeros on their balance sheets. Ultimately though this plan is not about money it is about power over all people and resources on a planetary scale. The European Union was one of their first major victories they won in this global consolidation. They are well on the way of winning their second victory, the formation of the North American Union. A forced merging of Canada, USA, and Mexico. No Canadians, Americans, or Mexicans ever voted for or ever will be given a choice if they want these national mergers. It is being forced upon all of us. There are many vectors to this take over, one of the most powerful is by bankrupting governments by the international banking cartels ; Central Banks , The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Global financial collapse is inevitable. This fiat empire was designed to ultimately bankrupt us all and make us all beholden to the banksters. It is happening right before our eyes.

This group is a place to discuss ALL aspects of this evil geopolitical takeover. All subjects are fair and welcome as long as they are related to this stated goal.

We will NOT censor or cater to any Political, Religious, or Special Interest groups.

This is NOT a “Snuggly Bunny Feel Good” group.

Topics and posts since they are on such important and revolutionary topics WILL eventually offend some people. We need to abolish the status quo and start dealing with the REAL issues that are enslaving us. This is a revolution not a social club. If any members are offended they have two choices : ignore the post and read another or leave the group, the choice is always yours.

We DO NOT support violence in any form to achieve our goals. We are an educational outlet for the truth the mainstream media will not cover.

Related subjects and opinions will NOT be censored, although any personal attacks on members will. This is a revolution it is not about any one person but on the institutions that desire to enslave us.

Please join us in bringing the truth into the forefront and educating people to the true nature of the world we live in.


Trevor Andrew Wozny