Canine Addison's Resources & Education (CARE)

Canine Addison's Resources & Education (CARE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources & education to improve the lives of dogs with Addison’s Disease & empower owners to advocate on their behalf.

We pass on information we have gathered from reputable scientific journals & qualified vets & specialists as well as from our own experiences with our Addison's dogs. ALL information presented here is meant to be discussed with your own qualified & trusted veterinarian. ALL treatment decisions should be made in partnership with your vet or specialist.

Members have varying degrees of experience and knowledge and pay it forward by mentoring the newer members. Many of us strive to learn all we can & to keep up on the latest developments in Addison’s treatment. Discussions may range from topics specific to managing AD to nutrition, medications to avoid, timing of vaccinations, & other topics related to having a healthy & happy Addison’s Dog.

We care very much about welcoming diverse opinions - we only ask that people are treated respectfully, whether you agree with them or not.

We are a closed group which means that your friends, coworkers, & others cannot see your posts (unless they are members of our group). If non-members find our group, they can see the list of members but can’t read posts without joining. Many of our members appreciate the privacy of closed groups.

Email: [email protected]