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CareerChannel is an integrated career portal with 4 Integrated Services in one. Carefully designed and created for all companies as well as job seekers. By having direct communication it creates more opportunities for both parties.

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In Career Channel we believe Communications Creates Opportunities. We re-define job searching with flexibility and conveniences. Understanding that daily busy schedules, travelling in a heavy traffics condition, studying overseas or working overseas which is a hassle to fix or go for an interview.

Now allow us to present to you our 4 Integrated Services which makes job searching more efficient.

Instant messaging (IM)
Helps to narrow the gap between companies and job seekers before face to face interview. Both companies and job seekers are online, companies able to initiate asking questions to understand more about job seekers instead of reading or understanding job seekers by a piece of resume.

Group Video Chat (GVC) Interview
Allowing companies and job seekers to fix a face to face interview which takes only 10 – 15 minutes. With this integration, more interviews can be done in a day. Travelling time and late for interview will no longer be a hassle.

More time>More interviews>More Opportunities

Private Messages
Allowing both companies and job seekers to leave a message if either 1 is offline or both. With this 3 communications, no more unseen applicant.

E-commerce Integration
Rewards and Rewards Point will be recorded in our platform. In future, hardware’s can be redeem or discount using your rewards point. This is our small token of appreciation for your support and trust given to us.