Cash For Referral
(I do not care what you post, post your business post your affiliates post advice post whatever you like that is profitable for people) You need Referrals? If you have a list of freebie sites you've joined and need referrals to get paid or get your reward then you can Offer to trade referral for referral or pay for referrals via PayPal in this group, you create a post with your link and wait for people to send you a message or comment saying they are willing to sign up under your link and complete the requirements. Its recommended that both of you take a look at the offers that the site provides to see if you can complete any offers and "GO GREEN" ( IT IS SIMPLE MEETING THE REQUIREMENTS, ALL OFFERS ARE TRIAL OFFERS CANCEL ANYTIME, 1 RULE, YOU MUST HOLD ON TO YOUR TRIAL FOR A MINIMUM OF THREE DAYS SO YOUR CREDITS WILL NOT GET REVOKED , THEN CANCEL, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT THREE DAYS FOR ME/THE REFERRER TO PAY YOU I/ HE OR SHE WILL PAY YOU AS SOON AS YOU GET 1 CREDIT OR WHATEVER IS REQUIRED, AND YOUR STATUS TURNS "GREEN" THERE ARE MANY 100% FREE TRIAL OFFERS TO CHOOSE FROM BUT IF YOU HAD TO PAY FOR OFFERS YOU WILL NOT BE SPENDING NO MORE THAT $10 - $15 TOTAL). You can pay that person via Paypal, or trade referral for referral, the person who replies to your post must complete his/her requirements first then you pay that person or you sign up under his/her link and you complete the requirements. If your referral completes the requirements and "GO GREEN" but have their credits revoked and turn red, send me a message and I will ban that referral from this group and post that person as a bad trader, that is all I can think of for now. I am trying to start a trend, If you would like to be my referral for one of my freebie sites I will pay you via Paypal only over and over to complete certain offers under $10 (I have a list of freebie sites). All I want In return is for you to post payment proofs from me and the people in this group that have paid you to complete the requirements and payment proofs from the sites you signed up for, Thanks. Message me for details.