Cast and Crew Opps

Join if you're interested in film, arts, music & entertainment opportunities in the New England area. Many have even transplanted yourselves or work in NYC and LA as well. This is a diverse group in many aspects.

I'll post cast and crew opportunities for projects I'm working on or friends of mine or heading up. You can post any useful information that you want to share too. Let's all help each other spread the word on any projects happening and collaborate! You're encouraged to post about events, spread knowledge, inspire.

Try to include the info that always comes to mind: Union/Non-Union, Paid/Unpaid, Where, When, contact info of email/phone, links for more info, do you need a resume or is it to gain experience, etc.

If you're going to post a link, please introduce yourself and explain a little about what you mean by the post. Also, if you're going to promote yourself, please "Like" back others' pages and publicize every once and awhile. People notice posts and they Notice when they are posted over and over again.

If you want to friend me, please send a request on my film account
smile emoticon --KImmie