Catawba County Homeschool Community (CCHC)

The Catawba County Homeschool Community (CCHC) is a secular social group for home educators open to families in and around Catawba County.


Our goal is to offer social opportunities in a friendly and open environment for fellow home educators through regular meetings and activities. Currently, we do not charge membership fees.


*Participants agree that CCHC and its organizers are not liable for anything that may happen while attending one of our events.

*Participants affirm that it is the responsibility of the parent to watch his/her child at all times and ensure their safety.

*Participants promise to be mindful of their children to ensure they are not causing harm to others or property, and acknowledge that failure to do so will result in removal from the group.


As with any community group, we are not without rules. These rules apply within this group and at activities.

*CCHC is primarily a social group created for the secular community in order to bring students together through regular activities. Our goal is to create a personable atmosphere of community and camaraderie. Thus it is understood that upon joining the group, continued participation is expected of all members. This can include park day attendance, activity participation/planning or suggestions, likes, and questions posted to the CCHC Facebook page. Group administrators will regularly monitor activities and reserve the right to unsubscribe non-active subscribers. Non-active subscribers will be privately messaged first before being deleted from the group if found non-active.

*As a secular group, we ask participants to respect the secular nature of CCHC; more specifically, no posts of a religious nature. We have participants of many faiths and philosophies, thus we agree to come together in this secular platform.

*General respect for others is a given expectation. Discriminatory or rude remarks will not be tolerated.

*Absolutely no advertising businesses, relevant or not, if you are affiliated with it. We would prefer member reviews and referrals for quality services and valid educational opportunities.

*No advertising or promotion of other homeschool groups or other homeschool group events without administrator's approval first.

*Primarily for the safety of our members and children, it is understood that upon becoming a participant, that you agree to not divulge CCHC information directly or indirectly to anyone outside of CCHC. This includes screenshots and gossip. This policy also serves to ensure we foster the support aspect of CCHC.

*Administrators may amend or terminate any terms at any time and such amendment or termination will be effective at the time of its posting.

*Administrators reserve the right to terminate your participation in CCHC at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice or explanation, and without liability.