Cebu Buy and Sell

A place to buy and sell for Cebu City. Protect the interest of each member. When you're in doubt seek some advice from the Admin.

If purchasing an item outside Cebu City, better consult with a service crew from LBC branch to check the item before sending the money. This can be done by asking LBC (inter-branch) crew. Inform the seller to be there at the LBC branch on the specified time and date so you can interact with each other real time while doing the transaction.

Do not use any other courier (e.g. Palawan Express) because you cannot deal with them real time to check the item for shipping. So better use LBC. In no way I'm connected with LBC. I'm just stating an example on how NOT to be scammed.

In fact you can send money via LBC. So while you're at the LBC office, ask the seller to be at the LBC branch then ask their crew to call their branch (location of the Seller) to inspect the item in your behalf. This time walang lusot from the Seller. This is the way how NOT TO BE SCAMMED. Just ask the crew politely. If they can't call their branch office because of long distance charge, then ask for their landline number sa branch office nila then use your cellphone to call their branch office.

Photos of receipts, testimonials from other buyers can be deceiving.

Beware you swap make sure to test the items before handing that to the next owner.

For meet-ups, be safe. Better yet bring a companion.