Chain Maille

The creation of Chain Maille and works that people have made.

***Folks requesting access to the group... If the admins can't see into your profile to make sure you are not a spammer then you will automaticall get declined as a spammer!***

***IF YOU SEE A SPAMMER POSTING PLEASE TAG Michael Bedell on the post or Report the post to Admin (NOT FB)) and he will deal with it as quickly as possible!***

To all the potential and new folks: We have a monthly friendly contest. It is not judged, there are no winners, (actually it's more like a showcase) Kelly will post the months topic as soon as the first day of the month hits in Australia. Participation is voluntary. We ask that the first person to submit make the file in the "PHOTOS" section. Title it (month) - (theme) if you would please.

NEW MAILERS AND VETERANS WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN!!! If you have questions, please feel free to ask, however, most of the commonly asked questions are answered in the "Files" tab right below the avatar ribbon. Questions like: tumbling, vendors, contact info for members of the group, notes from the veterans to the newbies (LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES), AR info, and the ever popular "what do all those abbreviations mean?". If you would like to share your work with us, I invite you to go to the "Photos" tab, right next to "Files", and create your own album. WHATEVER your own personal privacy settings, we will be able to see the photos posted in there. If you want to make sure that they post on the wall, or, "thread form" put the pic in the album, upload, THEN open it and comment. Your comment could be the size of rings you used, how far along you are (i.e. this is my first piece and/or I'm about 1/2 way done), an invite to have the veterans nit pick it looking for closure issues that you might have missed, or any questions/wanted advice about the photography. REMEMBER - Everyone in here is a (or desires to become a) maille making machine, AND, a photographer. Some are better than others in one, or both aspects, and most are willing to lend advice if you but ask.