Chandler/Mesa/Tempe/Gilbert/ Your Store Garage Sell

Chandler/Mesa/Tempe/Gilbert/ Your Store Garage Sell Group, This will be sent to all New Members.
Please protect yourself and be diligent in your research of Authentic items and how to identify them as such.
1. Each individual photo MUST have a description.
2. Each individual Post/photo MUST state an Price, cross streets or city AND A WILLINGNESS TO MEET IN EITHER Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, if the seller lives outside those areas.
3.This is a site for residents of to conveniently shop Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler /sell. Not for them to be expected to drive 45 minutes away for a $3 item.
4. No more duplicate photos. Do not keep reposting the same item over and over. Bump your post, do not keep posting the same item.
5. DO NOT upload more than 8 active photos unless you're posting to an album.
6. DO NOT bump your items more than ONCE per 24 hours.
7. Be kind, if your not interested move on. If you have a Problem with a member contact an Admin with the problem.
8. Posting a Garage sale is fine, state the location and hours
9. If you're cross posting, YOU MUST STATE THAT IN YOUR CAPTION.
10. DELETE your post when the item sells PLEASE.
HUGE THANKS to those of you who already follow site guidelines!
You guys are AWESOME! -ADMIN