Character Design Challenge!


This is a contest open to artists of any level, background and drawing style who wants to create and share their own unique vision of a theme.

Every month 4 artworks will be featured on the Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr pages of Character Design References.

You can visit us here:

► RULES (only three don't worry)

• Rule 1) ‹ Stick to the theme ›

Please remember that the artworks MUST match the theme and be within the boundaries of CHARACTER DESIGN.

Originality is always encouraged and we love creativity, but If your interpretation is way too eccentric or you twist the concept until the theme is unrecognizable, it will have no interest for us or the other artists and your work probably won't be shared.

• Rule 2) ‹ No environments/backgrounds ›

Few minor elements next to your character are fine, but this isn't an illustration contest, so please avoid any complicated background in your creation.

• Rule 3) ‹ Draw a Full Figure ›

Your submisson MUST include a full figure of the character.

► GUIDELINES (just to be precise):

What is OK to submit:

- Full Figure of a character OK
- Turn-arounds sheets OK
- 1-2 additional characters (if necessary) OK
- Full Figure + Expressions OK
- Poses sheets OK
- Colored or black & white artworks OK

What is NOT OK to submit:

- Only the head of the character NOT OK
- Line up of multiple characters NOT OK
- Pornography NOT OK
- Gore, violence NOT OK
- Racist/Political/Religion messages NOT OK


• Post an IMAGE in the ''add Photo/video'' section and then ''upload photos/videos''. DO NOT share a direct link, DO NOT create an album, DO NOT upload a file.

• Post only ONE entry, 1 single post, 1 single image. (This was decided in a survey)

• Please DO NOT post old drawing from other contests. (This was decided in a survey)

• Post ONLY entries for the CURRENT challenge.

• Wips, props design, alternative outfits and so on can be posted ONLY in the comment section of your own post.

• Post ONLY your entry for the challenge. DO NOT post any other link, even if it is character design related. Members who will attempt to spam the page will be banned.

► LINKS (for your Blog, Store...)

• Add the links for your Blog/Page/Store/email ONLY in the CAPTION of your submission.

► COLLABORATIONS (3D/Animation/Comics)

You can submit 3D Models, Maquettes, Animations, Comics ONLY together with an original character design entry. You need to create yourself an original 2D artwork first, or team up with an artist who is already part of this group. Collaborations DO NOT make your work stand out from other entries. In case the original concept wins, both works will be featured on our page.


• The link for our visual library in case you need some art references and tutorials to help you deliver your submission. You need to log in on Pinterest to see all the boards

Now.. let's draw! =)