Chetumal's Buy, Sell & Trade (Only within Belize)

Order Process:

Account Belize Bank - (Insiders Belize Cooperative) 626-01-1-003783

Terms & Condition for Purchasing:

A standard 50% deposit shall be required for all estimated services, Delivery may vary from 50% to 100% base on product. At Service/ Delivery

completion a Statement Invoice will be submitted with the complete cost of the service

rendered, and final payment due, less the deposit/s.

2. If Insiders, at any time during the course of the service, fails to live up to its obligations under

this agreement, the Customer may terminate the contract and the deposit refunded.

3. If the Customer, at any time during the course of the Service, terminates the contract through

no fault of Insiders Belize Cooperative’s, the deposit is non-refundable.

4. If the Customer, at any time during the course of the service, fails to live up to its obligation

under this agreement, Insiders may terminate the contract and all its expenses will be liable.

5. Some prices quoted are subject to full payment, duty and delivery fee.

6. Please sign below, Acceptance of the Proposed Service Estimate indicated that the Customer

has approved the Service Outlines and that order or work should proceed according to schedule,

as soon as down payment is received.

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellation of purchases must be done within 72 hours. Cancellation for services must be done thirty days prior to service date arranged. If cancellation is done after the required time period, deposit will be forfeited by the customer due to charges Insiders Belize Cooperation will be subject to. Contact us directly at (+) 501 600 406 or 983 160 0986 to confirm cancellation along with an electronic confirmation of cancellation. If you do not receive an email with confirmation on the company’s behalf acknowledging receipt and cancellation, kindly follow up to be able to receive your refund.

BENEFITS of Membership: Temporal $15, Individual $40 and Business $50
- With Insiders Membership, you are given a Membership Account with immediate access to all stores in Chetumal & Mexico.
- Ability to return new items... Risk Free Shopping
- Shopping assistance with any store within Chetumal.
- Research Request..
- Individual pay 50 percent on order and Items are delivered where final payment before delivery.
Without Membership:
- Individual is allowed to placed orders but with full payment on every order..
- No research request unless discussed
- No shopping assistance
***Temporal is only for Vehicle & Appliance parts***