Illinois Progressive Network

**PLEASE NOTE: this group is for residents of Illinois only**

H...ere at Illinois Progressive Network we have some simple guidelines that have seemed to do us well in our collective group/forum experience:

1) Please keep on topic w/ progressive politics and organizing work that is being done here in Illinois
2) Please keep your comments relatively upbeat and do not resort to insulting your comrades or others in the grassroots community outside of this FB group. Differing opinions and viewpoints are great as long as expressed respectfully. Private matters should be addressed privately.
3) We don't allow online bullying, harassment, excessive profanity, offensive comments, etc.
4) Disruptive behavior that results in a distraction from the goal of coordinating progressive, grassroots efforts in Illinois is grounds for being blocked from the group. We do not have the time to dedicate to settling squabbles through Facebook threads and in-fighting.
5) Group guidelines, member vetting process, etc. are the prerogative of the group's admin. If you are unhappy with these guidelines we encourage you to create your own online communities with guidelines that work for you:

Thanks and happy organizing!