• If you are a lover of spicy food, then you are a Chilehead!
• If you grow hot or spicy chili peppers in your garden, then you are a Chilehead!
• If you make spicy products to enhance your food whether it be as a professional or a home cook, then you are a Chilehead!
• First and foremost, this group is maintained as a family friendly environment. Please show respect to all members, at all times.No abusive or inappropriate language (F-bombs or elaborate use of profanity is severely frowned upon).
• At no time will ridicule be tolerated towards another member or admin.
• This is a Chileheads group and, by all means, if you have some food on which you're about to enjoy with those spicy morsels, take some photos & SHARE.
• There are many types and ways to enjoy being a Chilehead; no one person is right or wrong. Fresh peppers, Diced, Minced, Ground, Mashed, Dried Flakes, Powders, Sauces, Salsas, all various ways to achieve the same end result: “Food with 'tude”. All of these various approaches to livening-up your meals are welcome here and we look forward to seeing and learning about your individual techniques and methods to create “food with ‘tude”!
• We don't have a problem with members making an announcement or responding to another member’s question, stating that they make and sell chilies, sauces, powders, etc., but please don't SPAM us & keep it reasonable.
• ...Aaand, finally; It needs to be stated: If you are deemed offensive or in violation of any of the simple guidelines above, we admins will make a judgment call at the time we see the offense or it is reported to us. Consequences can & may include deleting the post entirely, deleting comments within a post, up to and including the mentioned offensive post and/or poster possibly being removed or banned permanently from the group to maintain these guidelines.
• Please join this ever growing community and learn all about the latest spicy products, events and festivals near you. Do not be a afraid to ask questions, we do not bite, only our food does.

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