China square central

A one-stop convenience centre located at the heart of Singapore's CBD, China Square Central is a mix of historical shophouses and modern architecture housing the Marsh and McLennan Centre, China Court, South Bridge Court, Nankin Row and the Great Eastern Centre. The area was part of Sir Stamford Raffles' 1828 development plan to allocate a specific area to Chinese immigrants in Chinatown and used to be a bustling center of trade, small businesses, textile shops, goldsmiths, food stalls and theatres.

China Square Central is a fascinating blend of the new nostalgic. At Nankin Row, an exciting array of cafes and restaurants featuring international cuisine like Thai, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese etc. await you. Three shopping levels at Marsh and McLennan Centre offer reputed retail outlets and speciality stores, well geared to cater to the working professionals' shopping needs.

China Square Central allows you to work, play, shop and entertain, all without having to leave the premises.