Christian Singles Living 4 Jesus ❤

A place where Christian singles loving Jesus are able to fellowship, mingle, share encourage, be encouraged, build friendships with other Christian singles in the body of Christ all over the world.

We welcome all people from all walks and all faiths, even if you you not single - you are welcome to join us in fellowship.

>{❤}< JESUS LOVES ALL, WELCOMES ALL, AND WILL NOT TURN ANYONE AWAY. We won't either. >{❤}< So long as a person acts in harmony with the Board rules, and posts consistent with the Statement of Faith, he or she is welcome as a member of the group.

We look forward to sharing His love with all and allowing His light to shine before us so that everyone around us can see and fall in love with Jesus and live for him too. ❤

-- Group Guidelines:
Always aim to share and shed the love and light of Jesus.
Please No profanity, No insults, or harsh words.
Always disagree with love and respect.
Share your thoughts,
Share Jesus,
Share Christian inspirations,
Share the gospel.

Please refer to the Statement of Faith. Any posts must be in harmony with the Statement of Faith:

Refer to the pinned post for a detailed explanation of Board policies.

Thanks, and God bless you!