Chronic Pain and Exercise Support Group

Hello everyone welcome to our page! My name is Iris and I have Fibro, sciatica, and thorasic outlet syndrome. I suffer from chronic pain. And I used to think doctors were nuts. EXERCISE crazy right? Not really low impact and stretching are a positive! I am not a Doctor. I created this group so we can count on each other to exercise, to find out what works for here. In short to give each other the push to feel better!

Chronic pain and Exercise Support Group are not liable for any exercises you try or do. We are here to support you in your goals on moving forward. Please consult a Doctor before you try any exercise program. Please ask doctor for appropriate exercises.No Selling of Products Please and no advertising of any kind! Thank you for your understanding of the rules. Its for your safety and ours. This group is an.... AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you choose to do daily challenges and events they are also at your own risk. This applies to me and all admins now and in future! THIS GROUP IS 100% Bully Free! Now that the rules are set..... let the games begin. Have fun and be safe doing any exercises! Give your self a pat on the back you've made your first step! Congrats!