Citizens For Public Education

Knowledge is power. We watch that concept work it's magic every single day as the 1%. use the information to keep the money and the control. The Board of Education must complete an assessment instrument (QSAC) used for monitoring their compliance to the Administrative Code (6A) and Statues and Regulations of the state of New Jersey (18A). This instrument (QSAC) has just been revised. The Board of Education must complete this monitoring process properly and in a timely manner. Members of the board have made jokes about this QSAC in public meetings. In the past, the QSAC has not been taken seriously by our board members. Hold the state to the task of enforcing the law.

Our Mission is to create and maintain a school board that follows the Law. We will transform this sick and ailing district into a system that follows the Law. If the Law works in other towns, and we know that it does, it will surely work in Englewood, New Jersey.

The Key to a great Board of Education that functions the same for all children and upholds the Constitution and the laws of the state of New Jersey is an informed Community. Our task is not an easy one. Many people are intimidated by the process and the title these people share. Remember that board members are just like the rest of us when they are not seated at that long table. They Must follow the Law. They Shall follow the Law. We the people have the power to call them out legally when they don't comply with the Laws of the state of New Jersey.