Classic Salford Photos Group

Welcome to the Classic Salford Photo Group...

This Group is for sharing “Photos of Streets, Buildings, Parks & Places” of Salford’s Past & Present, plus old School Photos and Family Photos…
Photos MUST be in Salford or have a direct connection with Salford... Any other NONE SALFORD photos could be removed...
Additionally photos of “Central” Manchester (City Centre only) & photos of “Belle Vue” are also welcome, including “Trafford Park” due to its connections with the Docks.

Please remember this is a Local History Group, and not a Memorabilia group.

“Topical & Latest News Issues” are at admins discretion and could be removed as this is specifically a “Salford Photo Sharing Group” and not intended for current issues or debates.

The reason for these guidelines are to keep this group about Salford (and parts of Manchester) and not to have the group cluttered with none Salford items.

Classic Salford Photo Groups Rules are…
• Please be respectful of other members and their opinions what ever they maybe.
• Racist posts and comments will not be tolerated and the poster may well be removed from the group.
• Any post selling items will be removed.
• Do not block admins, because you can still be seen and will be removed from the group.

We also have a sister group called the “Classic Salford Childhood Memories” for past memorabilia type photos and things you remember while growing up and living in Salford, i.e. household objects, toys, games, street games etc, just about anything people can remember… It's amazing what some people can remember and well worth joining in.


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The Local History Library in Peel Park houses an extensive collection of items of local interest, most of which have been donated by people who are interested in preserving the memory of Salford's past.

The Library is continually expanding the collection and would welcome the donations of old photographs, postcards, newspapers, scrapbooks, bill-heads, church magazines, posters, letters, diaries and other items.

Originals can be copied and returned.

Salford Local History Library.
Peel Park.