Clubbing, Partying, KTV, Happy Hour Kaki

Clubbing,Partying, KTV & Happy Hour Kaki & "Event Invitation" 喜愛夜蒲 Group

Welcome All Members

This Group is a platform for members to interact with each others .

All of Us have common interest , which are " Clubbing, Partying, KTV, Happy Hour.. "

Do you know What So Special about Our group ???...

"it is YOU and YOU make the Group Special " ....each and every members in this group are from different back ground...

We have members who are Business Owner of Pub/Club, Dee Jay, Event Organizer, Club Ambassadors, Make-Up Artists, Professional Models, Freelancers, Hair Stylist, Motorsport Organizer, Students and People From Travel Industry.....

There are plenty of opportunities for business, networking, socialize, partnership and friendship here...Cheers

If you are interested to join other members to interact with each others

Add Us Now and If feel like wanna go Happy Hour drinking, Partying or Clubbing with our members , For Friendship or Networking....

You may post your Outing Plan or Sharing information about Nice Cool Venue, Latest Trends or Music with us

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Happy Clubbing...Cheers
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