Collin County Furniture Page


OK, so here's the basics!

*Posts must include Photo, Description, Price and Location!

*First person to comment with interest, questions or offer is first in line. If the first offer is refused, that person is still first in line to make another offer or meet seller's asking price.

*Seller must wait 12 hrs for buyer to respond before moving on to the next buyer. Please be patient, not everyone lives on the internet all day. If you need to sell something quickly that must be stated in your original post description, other wise you have to wait 12 hrs. Please be considerate of the time you try to correspond with buyer. If it is the middle of the night please give them a little more time to respond before moving on to the next buyer. Not everyone stays up all night.

*Sellers must be willing to meet within Collin County if item is located outside of Collin County, unless the buyer and seller make their own agreement. Trying to keep everyone from having to drive long distances but I realize with furniture it may be worth it for that special piece.

*Buyers have 72 hrs to pick up an item unless seller and buyer have agreed on something else. Again, I realize with furniture buyers and sellers may need more time to make arrangements for pick up due to the size of the item. But sellers don't want to wait forever to move their items out of the house because they more than likely have new furniture to take it's place.

*Seems silly to have to add this but here goes. Buyers, before committing to buy large pieces of furniture, please think seriously about whether or not you will physically be able to load the item or have the ability to haul in your vehicle. It wastes a seller's time and may cause them to miss out on other buyers if you string them along while trying to figure out how to get the item to your home and then back out later. Please be considerate of the seller's time and their need to sell items quickly.

I hope these guidelines work well for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We are open to your feedback but we've also had a lot of experience in what seems to work best as a whole for the group. Hope everyone is enjoying the group! Happy selling and buying!!

Kelly M. Dowdy
Cristie Jo Criner Morrison

Be kind, be patient, be nice!
"Please", "Thank you" and "I'm sorry" go a long way!
We're all human and we all make mistakes. NO ONE is perfect, I don't care who you are. Rudeness to other members will be not be tolerated, member will get a warning first and then removal from the group, which I REALLY hate doing, so please don't make me!

DO NOT POST Home Based Business ads in this group. Those posts will be deleted without warning and you will be removed from this group. This group is for furniture and home decor ONLY! No exceptions!