Colorado Pitbulls in Need

This group was created to help the many Pitbulls, Pitbull mixes or other breeds commonly referred to as Pitbulls in the Colorado region. Post rescue Pits in need of fosters or homes, shelter pits, Craigslist ads, lost or stolen Pitbulls, suspected dog fighting issues anything goes as long as it involves a needy Pitbull in the state of Colorado. Obviously no selling of dogs or puppies, but re-homing posts are ok. We are a group of volunteers who love Pitbulls and want to help save the ones we can, educate the public and stop the over breeding, mis-education and senseless killing of good dogs. Any SPAM or negative comments or bullying will not be tolerated. This group does not condone any breeding of Pitbulls and any posts from breeders or looking to stud will be deleted. It is our belief that over-breeding and backyard breeding exacerbates the plight of the Pitbull and it needs to stop if we are ever going to start turning their image around. If you love Pitbulls please don't breed them. As far as rehoming dogs go, if they have not yet been neutered or spayed please make that part of the rehoming contract or included as rehoming fee paid directly to vet.