Colubrid Crazy

This group is for all Colubrid lovers. Post anything about any colubrid. So many Colubrids don't fall into the King, and Corn category so this place is created for any, and all Colubrids.


1. No Advertising
a) This includes posting links of pictures that are posted on your business or personal page(s). You can post the links in the comment section of a post if you are asked or adds to the conversation.
b)Please do not share other business page advertising either. I am sure they are quite capable of advertising their own products.
c) Watermarks are encouraged as long as they are not larger than the animal depicted.

2. No Foul Language
a) This includes the use of symbols replacing letters to be used.
b) I understand that many of us talk a certain way, but remember there are younger kids on this page and their parents as well.

3. Trolls and Antagonizing Posts
a) Trolls - You know who you are, post related information in a civil manner.
b) Antagonizing Posts - These will be deleted immediately and you will be banned. This is not to discourage debates but to limit the amount of heated topics.
c) Insults towards other members will not be tolerated. You will be banned immediately. This includes name calling of any kind. If you can’t say it in a manner that is not insulting refrain from saying it.

4. Report Button
a) Please use the report button located in the upper right hand corner of the posts to let the admins know of any concerns with in the post.
b) We encourage others to help ensure this is a happy and educational place for all members to enjoy.
c) None of the admins are paid for their services and there is no money so for them to spend their days babysitting others is very unproductive. Show respect to the people that spend countless hours reading every response and post in this group.

5. Warning
a) You will be given 3 warnings on your actions before a being banned. You may be banned permanently or for 30 days depending on your infractions. This is up to the admins to determine.

6. Blocking
a) Facebook has a feature where you can block others. If you feel someone is consistently posting comments you don’t want to see. Block them! It is as easy as that. There are many that have been constant argumentative people for years instead of making a post into an argument just block that person.

7. While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices, we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.