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Eco-Friendly Meditation Community

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Would you be interested to start a meditation and eco-friendly community/commune in India with private ownership of land by the members of the Intentional Community?

If yes, we need 100 people ready to invest in land and willing to live full-time or part-time in the meditation community.

It shall be operated in a form of a company or cooperative society and investors will be confirmed only after careful interviewing of their intentions. We would include people wanting to practice meditation and those who believe in caring for nature/environment/ecology.

This would be operated by common consensus rather than one man show or a dominance of a Guru, baba, master, cult or ideology.

Interested parties with readiness to invest may join. Investment per acre may range between 1.0 lacs to 1.25 lacs (INR 1,00,000 - 1,25,000 plus eco-friendly development cost.

A quarter acre land is enough to grow all variety of food for 5 people. This community will be a producer community for much indigenous and organic variety of food in its food forest, producing bio-diesel, cotton etc and use as much as possible alternative energy system, do recycling and water harvesting.

A huge meditation hall shall be at its heart.

This can be your second home, retirement home, income generation platform from green business etc but we should be interested in parties supporting a community involved in green business and practicing meditation.

If you are not using the land still you can get a reasonable return through natural & eco-friendly produces grown in your part.

A common consensus/agreement for investors will be made by the committee in order to maintain standards and sustain the aims of this place.

Please share this messages or email to friends interested in this idea.

Join to discuss it further.

“The commune has a future. A commune means many independent individuals, not belonging to each other in the old ways of family, tribe, religion, nation. Only in one way are they related to each other: that is they are all independent. They respect your independence and the same they expect from you: to respect their independence. That is the only relationship, the only friendship, the only thing that is a cementing force in a commune: that we respect each other’s individuality, independence. The other’s way of life, his style of life is absolutely accepted, respected. The only condition is that nobody is allowed to interfere with anybody else in any sense”. -- OSHO : From Personality to Individuality

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