Companion Dog School

Companion Dog School offers a wide variety of classes and services to suit any need. From puppy training to agility training, we've got it all.


PUPPY CLASSES: This class is designed for puppies from 9 weeks to 5 months old. Your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash, sit on command, lay down and come to you when they are called. House breaking, biting, chewing and other behavior problems will be addressed. REQUIREMENTS: Must have 2nd series of Parvo virus shots before coming to class. We also recommend the Bordatella shot.
SCHEDULE: 7 one hour sessions, one per week.

BASIC CLASSES: This class is designed for dogs 5 months and older. This course will teach your dog to heel, sit, down, stay and come. Some of the behavior problems that will be addressed are barking, jumping up, running out the door and any other problems you may be having can also be addressed. We use positive reinforcement while training to get your dog under control quicker. Your level of trust in each other grows while learning how to communicate. REQUIREMENTS: Proof of rabies shot.
SCHEDULE: 7 one hour sessions, one per week.

ONGOING OBEDIENCE CLASS: This class is designed for dogs that have completed the Puppy and Basic Classes so that they can maintain the good behaviors learned in previous classes and learn new things.
SCHEDULE: Every Wednesday night from 7-8 PM. $5 per night (paid after class)

AGILITY CLASSES: Have fun with your dog with our in-house agility obstacles.

This is the fastest growing sport around.
... a fun activity for you and your dog
... teaches the dog more off leash control
... builds trust between dog and owner/handler
... confidence builder for timid dogs
... a great release of energy
... teaches safe and controlled activity
... teaches proper techniques for both dog and handler to prepare them for competing in agility competitions, i.e., NADAC and AKC

SCHEDULE: 6 one hour sessions, one per week.