Accepted - Concordia: New Students for Fall 2014

ATTENTION: This group is managed by future students, and is not affiliated with the "Your Concordia: 2014-2015" page.

Welcome to the online community for new students entering Concordia University in the Fall 2014. Congratulations on being accepted and choosing Concordia as your school for the next 4+ years!

If you are attending Concordia University this coming September 2014, JOIN THIS GROUP! Also, feel free to add anyone you know that is also attending.

Here you can meet, discuss academics and campus life, post your picture, match schedules, and mingle with those of the same school year!

To introduce yourself, feel free to post a picture of yourself and fill out the following:

Favourite Music:
Favourite TV Shows:
Favourite Movies:
Favourite Foods:
Favourite Books:
Favourite Video Games:
Favourite Blogs / Websites:
Sports you play:
Instruments you play:
Do you drink?
Do you party?
Do you smoke?
Is it okay of your roommate drinks?
Is it okay if your roommate smokes?
Ever had a roommate?
Night Owl or Early Bird?
Time you go to bed/Wake up:
Clean or Messy?
Shy or Outgoing?
Lazy or Active?
Are your grades important?
Do you Travel?
Do you have any tattoos?
Are you staying in residence? If so, which one?
Are you working a job on/off campus?
What are you most looking forward to next year?

Thanks for joining!