Council Bluffs Mom's swap- All new or like new items ONLY

This site is for moms who want new, or like new items for children or themselves. Have you ever bought clothes that ended up not fitting or toys the kiddos didn't play with? Here is the place to sell it and make money.

THIS PAGE IS ONLY FOR BABY/TODDLER/TWEEN/TEEN/MATERNITY ITEMS or items moms would WANT (not clothing but something like perfume or candles)!!

Please wait 12 (TWELVE) hours to allow potential buyers to respond to set up a pick up time before moving on to the next in line! If seller and buyer have not connected to set up a pickup time within 12 hours, then the seller can move on to the next in line! If you are a swapper who is not online regularly when you mark INTERESTED on an item -- include a note saying you are not online as frequently but will be in touch within 24 hours.

Please do not spam or advertise in the group!

Due to WIC guidelines and WIC monitoring swap pages -- you CANNOT sell formula or baby food items on this page. You can give away or trade though!

Please if you are posting multiple items, create an album. Wait 24 hours before bumping your item.

First person to comment 'interested' is in line first. Tagging a person does not put them in line, they need to show interest themselves to be put in line. If you ask a question this does not immediately put you in line. Comment 'interested' and then ask questions, you can always 'pass' if it doesn't meet your needs. Please allow 12 hours for first person to comment to get back to you before you move on to the next in line.

Do not list your item at one price and sell at a higher price. You will be banned from the group. If you put an OBO and the first person interested offers lower and someone after offers at the price seller wants, the seller does have the right to sell to someone offering what she asked. This is the only time you can skip over a person.

If you agree to pay for an item and make arrangements please have respect for others time and show up or call beforehand if you’re not going to be there. You will be warned once and then you will be banned and removed from the group.

OBO-Or Best Offer
WTB-Wanting To Buy
ISO-In Search Of
PPU-Pending Pick Up
NIB-New In Box
NWT-New With Tags
EUC-Excellent Used Condition
NWOT-New Without tags

PM-Personal or Private Message [If you are not receiving messages from potential buyers or sellers, the problem is that if you are not friends or have not corresponded in the past, that the message ends up in your "Others" folder.

In Line-this is put in the comments of a post when someone wants the item, but there is already a person or more than one person ahead of them.

Bump-this is put in the comments of a post to "bump" it to the top! You must bump the original post and only bump every 24 hours!
Cross Posted-this means that the seller has it posted to another or multiple other sites.