Course Of Awakening

The INDIVIDUAL AWAKENING is the Real Awakening.
When Individuals are healed, Awakened..then the collective, society, countries, planets Awaken.
this group is dedicated to offering info on Real Awakening.

Created by Tobias Lars BS, MBA - this is the FaceBook Group for
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"These Videos really Rock! They work! You are just being yourself and really 'Putting it out there'. Thank You for inspiring us with a whole new level of Real Spirituality!"- Leah LaChapelle

With Fun, Play, Irreverent 'Spiritual Incorrectness' & Practical, direct, easy to learn methods & a 'Voice of Honest Sanity' - Tobias Lars BS, MBA is sharing real experience through direct transference that leads to True Transformation & Real Awakening into who we really are.
With 25 yrs direct awakening with Masters - Paramahansa Yogananda, Sai Baba, Babaji, St. Germain, Amazonian Shamans, Native American Medicine Men- it is now time to OPENLY SHARE this previously 'secret' wisdom.

'Preparation' is over! Now it's TIME for real Awakening. This is the Intent behind 'Course of Awakening'.

It's time to Be & Live who we really are, to have your Self Wake Up, to see your power, your ability to manifest, to feel the Peaceful Power in your body, in your heart.
•Is it time on Earth now for a real larger Awakening of Human Consciousness?
•How can we Awaken to all the parts of ourselves? How can we have the concrete physical energies of awakening come into our beings, our bodies, our selves?
•What are the things we are not being told about Real Spiritual Awakening?
•Who are Awakened Masters, those that have gone before us & how can we let them help us?
•Can true, real Awakening into our real larger Selves be relatively easy?
•Have you had enough 'understanding' and are ready to have real Awakening for your Self?